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Our Learning Center
New online? These pages are designed to give the novice information about common programs and applications, as well as security and privacy concerns. Go

Internet Safety For Families
We've put together an entire section of the website to help parents and caregivers protect their children online. Go


Feeling Insecure?

An insufficiently protected computer is at risk for damage by virus, Trojan or worms. The owner of an insecure computer is at risk for Identity Theft, Stalking/Harrassment, and legal action for crimes perpetrated by hackers.

Understanding and implementing basic security and privacy measures for your home can go a long way towards protecting your family, your finances, and your computer.

First Things First

Why this is the first step to take Go

Install an Anti-Virus Program
Understanding the risks, and taking action to protect your computerGo

An Anti-Spyware Program
Defining spyware, malware, adware etc.Go

Common Threats

These are some of the most common dangers of unsecured computers online and unsafe practices:




Identity Theft

CyberStalking / Harassment


Loss of Privacy

Further Resources

Why is Cyber Security a Problem?

Securing Your Computer
Debunking Some Common Myths

Cyber Security Awareness
An excellent overview of risks and recommendations from MSISAC

Top Ten Security Tips
Protect your computer systems and data

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